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Welcome to Womens Poker .com

Women have taken over the world of Poker with the smartness edge they have over men. Many say women are much better at the natural game of bluff than men. Look at Isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier during 2006 how went all in and came out on top!

Party Poker

Party Poker - the world's leading online poker rooms offers education in the game of Poker, besides multi-player fun.

Whoever thought that Poker is a game for men only is so wrong. Maybe a long time ago, it was thought to be more of a mans game, when they would play in the smoky saloons. But more recently especially with the advent of the internet, Poker has become a game for both sexes. Online three card Poker games are one of the most popular variations of Poker that are played. It is a simple game to understand and does not require large amounts of money in order to play. One can start playing with small bets and build up as the game progresses.

online three card poker is not the only variation of Poker that is offered at online casinos today. There are many other variations depending on what sort of game you are looking for. It is advisable to learn all about the game before you start playing for real money. Most if not all of the online casinos offer practice games and also have very helpful customer support and instructions on how to play. If you find the idea of three card Poker daunting then there are other more simple variations you can start with.

Video Poker is basically a simplified version of Poker that is played one on one. You draw your cards and they are pitted against the dealer who in the case of online casinos is the online casino. It is still not sensible to play online video Poker for money straight away, try a couple of practice games before you place real money bets. That way you will get the hang of the game and feel more confident in your decisions when you place real money bets. Whichever game of Poker you decide to play, you can be assured that there are no gender restrictions or discriminations. Everyone is equal when you play online and everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Poker is just one of many online gambling activities, why not try something else like online bingo next time you gamble online.

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"How long does it take to learn poker, Dad?" "All your life, son." David Spanier, "Total Poker" (1977)
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